Schwabe Topi Sulphur Cream (25 GM)

Acne, seborrheic conditions, scabies, dermatomycoses, and itching


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Schwabe Topi Sulphur Cream


Indications of Topi Sulphur Cream

Acne, seborrheic conditions, scabies, dermatomycoses, and itching.

Sulphur is a chemical element with mild antimicrobial and keratolytic properties as it induces scaling of the upper layer of the epidermis. In the form of ointments, creams or lotions it has been employed for a long for the treatment of acne and seborrheic conditions. Sulphur covers minor forms of bacterial infections and is effective against fungi and scabies mites.

Acne vulgaris usually occurs at puberty and regresses in early adulthood. It is characterized by seborrhea, comedones, inflammatory papules (pimples), nodular abscesses and finally scars. The face, neck and upper trunk are rich in sebaceous follicles and therefore primarily affected. In severe cases, the symptoms are of considerable aesthetic significance. Numerous pathogenic factors are involved such as hormones, bacteria, etc. Seborrheic conditions are caused by the overproduction of sebaceous glands, forming a glazing film, especially on the face.

Scabies is an infectious and contagious condition of the skin with severe itching caused by scabies mites (Sarcoptes scabies). The mites dig fine tunnel-like burrows in the surface layer of the skin. The adult females lay eggs in these burrows. Allergic reactions toward the mites and their products are responsible for severe pruritus. Scratching leads to secondary bacterial infections. The most common places for scabies are the wrists, between the fingers, in the armpits, around the nipples, penis, scrotum, thighs and buttocks.

Fungal infections of the skin are widespread in the population. Different areas of the body (athlete’s foot, mycosis of nails, hands, groins, trunk) and hairy skin (scalp, beard) can be affected. Fungal growth is favored by damaged skin, moisture, the use of antibiotics, and reduced immune defense. The fungi invade the skin causing a superficial inflammation with redness and itching.


Topi Sulphur is a cream containing 3% of purified, finest grade Sulphur. It is indicated for the external treatment of acne and seborrhea. Topi Sulphur Cream acts against fungi and scabies mites and relieves itching problems of various causes such as scabies, allergic reactions, or fungal infections.


Directions for Use

Unless otherwise prescribed, Topi Sulphur Cream should be applied as follows:
The cream should be used 2-3 times daily by applying a thin layer on the affected skin areas. Any contact with open wounds should be avoided carefully.


Packing of Topi Sulphur Cream

25 GM


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