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Schwabe Magnesium Sulphuricum (Trituration) (20 GM)

For leucorrhoea, with pain and cramp in back and thighs

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Schwabe Magnesium Sulphuricum (Trituration) (20 GM)

LATT of magnesium salts are often used to maintain magnesium homoeostasis. It is required in many enzymatic reactions and a decrease may cause muscular weakness. paraesthesia, and cramps.

Homoeopathically, it is indicated for leucorrhoea, in excessively weak and exhausted patients with pain and cramp in the back and thighs.

Normal concentration of Magnesium in plasma is 0.65 – 1.05 mmol per liter. It is actively absorbed by gastro-intestinal tract. Any deficiency can cause pain and any excess may cause gastro-intestinal irritation and diarrhoea.


Main Sphere of Action of Schwabe Magnesium Sulphuricum Trituration Tablets




Leucorrhoea, with pain and cramp in the back and thighs



20 GM


Available Potencies

3X, 6X


3X, 6X