SBL FP Ointment (25 GM)

For Fissures & Engorged rectal veins


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  • Put simply, “piles” are the swollen blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum which will stretch under pressure and may swell or bulge.
  • Fissures are cuts around the anus that can bleed and cause a lot of pain. Fissures and Piles are caused due to chronic constipation or diarrhea, lifting heavy weights regularly, Pregnancy, or Straining when passing a stool.
SBL FP Ointment applied locally is ideal to treat engorged rectal veins and fissures. It helps in curing anal fissures and engorged rectal veins by reducing pain and venous congestion around the anus. SBL FP Ointment acts as anti-hemorrhagic and has pain-relieving properties giving a soothing effect.



No known contra-indication.



Hamamelis Virginica Q
Aesculus Hippocastanum Q
Paeonia Officinalis Q
Hydrastis Candensis Q
Ratanhia Q
Viburnum Prunifolium Q
Paraffinum Molle Album q.s. to 100 g


Directions for use

Apply locally twice daily before and after stool, for 1-2 weeks, using the applicator if internal administration is required, or as prescribed by a physician.



25 GM


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