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B&T Zauberöl Hair Oil (150 ML)

Premium Hair Growth Oil

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Zauberöl is a Premium Hair oil. It contains two products developed by medical scientists to suit the different types of alopecia due to various causes. Knowledge of traditional therapies is combined with modern manufacturing techniques.

The entire process of making the oil is done by using d-E Tech technology to ensure that there is no loss of medicinal ingredients during the process. The quality of the product was tested in domestic & international laboratories. Zauberöl premium Hair oil is scientifically proven and dermatologically tested. It has significant potential for hair growth, maintains follicular density countering the testosterone-induced alopecia


  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Hairfall in General
  • Baldness

*The effect of any haircare therapy is based on many factors like the health status of the hair follicles, hormonal influence, personal care, environmental influence, autoimmunity, nutrition intake, etc. Results may vary from person to person based on these factors.


Zauberöl Weekdays Hair Oil – This product is made for everyday use. The oil will help you moisturize your hair and make it super soft and bouncy. It can also help you detangle all knots in the hair making it much more manageable.

Zauberöl Weekend Hair Oil – This product is especially for weekend massages and enjoyment. It offers you all the goodness you can get at an extremely feasible and affordable price.

This premium hair oil is highly nourishing and strengthens even the most damaged strands of hair with its proper application. It not only improves the circulation of blood in the scalp but also promotes hair growth. Oil your hair regularly and you yourself will see the results. All luxurious and expensive hair treatments are on one side but deeply rooted nourishment with Zauberöl is different. That day is not very far when Zauberöl will become quintessential for hair fall rescue.

Zauberöl Hair oil is an effective treatment for hair loss & baldness. Regular usage of Zauberöl hair oil has shown significant results in hair growth. It is a powerful formula that acts as a wonderful baldness treatment. Trusted by many & producing valuable results has made Zauberöl one of the best hair growth oils in the market.


Directions for Use

Zauberöl Weekdays Oil: Apply the Zauberöl Weekdays Oil on hair and scalp daily, and massage gently in a circular motion.

Zauberöl Weekend Oil: Apply the Zauberöl Weekend Oil during weekends, massage gently in a circular motion, let it remain overnight or at least two hours, and then wash with B&T’s Arnica Shampoo or B&T’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for the best results.



150 ML