B&T Olmuv Pain Relief Oil (60 ML)

For acute as well as chronic pains


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B&T Olmuv Pain Relief Oil can be used for pains that are caused by overuse, strains, sprains, overexertion, injury or trauma, inflammatory conditions, etc.

This oil can be used 3 to 4 times a day by slightly massaging the affected areas. It can be used for both chronic and acute pains and it can be used for a long time as it doesn’t produce any undesired effects. Care should be taken as it should not be applied to an open wound.

B&T Olmuv Pain Relief Oil can be used for the following conditions to relieve the pain effectively:

Lower Back Pain:  Lower back pain is usually caused by an injury to a muscle or ligament of the back. The most common causes of lower back pains are heavy weight lifting, poor posture, fracture, prolonged sitting, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, etc. The pain is associated with stiffness, muscle tension, and restriction of movement.

Strain: A muscle strain happens due to the tearing or overstretching of a muscle or tendon. The causes are overexertion, overuse, and overstretching of a muscle, or tendon. Strains are most common in the lower back, neck, shoulder, and thighs. It is also called a pulled muscle.

Sprains: Pain after twisting of the body.

Muscle Spasm: It is a sudden, involuntary movement in a muscle. It can affect more than one muscle such as in groups. They are very common and they usually happen due to excessive stress, prolonged exercises, dehydration, fatigue, and overuse.

Muscle Cramps: These are sudden, involuntary contractions that occur in the muscles. The contractions are very painful and it usually affects the calf muscles, muscles of the back, and front of the thigh.


Composition of B&T Olmuv Pain Relief Oil

Active ingredients:
Gaultheria Fragrantissima 3%
Guaiacum Officinale 3%
Olibanum (Styrax Benzoin) 1%
Arnica Montana 1%
Capsicum Annum 1%
Mentha Piperita 0.5%
Acacia Arabica (Babul) 1%
Methyl Salicylate (Gandhapura) 20%
Cinnamomum Camphora 2%
Mentha Virids (Menthol) 4%
Oil bases


Directions for Use of Olmuv Pain Relief Oil

Unless otherwise prescribed, Olmuv Pain Relief Oil should be applied as follows:

The oil should be used 3 to 4 times daily by applying a thin layer on the affected areas. It should be slightly massaged into the skin.
Side effects: In rare cases, applying Olmuv might cause allergic skin reactions in people who are sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Contraindication: Any contact with open wounds and mucous membranes should be avoided carefully.



60 ML