Bakson’s B4 Drops | Heart Drops (30 ML)

For Heart Problems

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Bakson’s B4 Drops | Heart Drops

The cardiac insufficiency designates a disease in which the Heart muscle is weakened & is no longer capable of pumping the blood sufficiently powerfully or adequately fast through the blood vessels. The cause of cardiac insufficiency can be an acute or gradual injury to the heart muscles or it can also be due to Cardiovascular affections like Hypertension, Heart Attacks, or Valvular Diseases.


Ingredients of Bakson’s B4 Drops

Cactus Grand. 3x
Crataegus Ox. Q
Digitalis Pur. 6x
Kali. Carb. 8x
Kalmia Lati. 3x
Phosphorus 5x
Squilla 3x
Spigelia 12x
Strophanthus His. 3x


Indications of Bakson’s B4 Drops

Helps relieve symptoms associated with insufficiency of the Heart as in valvular Heart diseases, degenerative processes of the Myocardium, and Coronary Artery Diseases.


Mode of Action of Bakson’s B4 Drops

Cactus Grand.: Endocarditis with mitral insufficiency together with violent and rapid action. Heart weakness of Arteriosclerosis. Angina Pectoris with suffocation, cold sweat, and iron band sensation.

Crataegus Oxy.: Cardiac dropsy. Fatty degeneration. Aortic diseases. Extreme dyspnea on least exertion. Valvular murmurs and Angina Pectoris. Sustains Heart in infectious diseases.

Digitalis Pur.: Irregular Heart especially of mitral diseases. Dilated heart, tired, irregular with a slow and feeble pulse. Sensation as if Heart stood still. Hypertrophy with dilatation. Cardiac dropsy.

Kali. Carb.: Palpitation and burning in the heart region. Weak, rapid, intermittent pulse. Threatened Heart failure.

Kalmia Lati.: Palpitation; worse leaning forward. Sharp pains shooting through chest above heart into shoulder blades. Acute and Chronic Endocarditis following gout and Rheumatism.

Phosphorus: Violent palpitations with anxiety, while lying on the left side. Heart dilated, especially right. Dilatation of Heart from fatty degeneration or Endocarditis. Pulse rapid, small, and soft. Feeling of warmth in Heart.

Squilla: A cardiac stimulant affecting the peripheral vessels and coronary arteries. Pulse small and slow, slightly hard.

Spigelia: Violent palpitation. Precordial pain and great aggravation from movement. Pericarditis. Angina pectoris. Dyspnea; must lie on the right side with head high.

Strophanthus: Pulse quickened. The heart’s action is weak, rapid, irregular, due to muscular debility and insufficiency. Cardiac pain.


Dosage of Bakson’s B4 Drops

10-30 drops should be diluted with water and taken 3 times a day.


Packing of Bakson’s B4 Drops

30 ML


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